20 sigarette

Director Aureliano Amadei
Artistic cast Vinicio Marchioni, Carolina Crescentini, Giorgio Colangel


Aureliano, a twenty-year-old anarchist and antimilitarist, without a steady job, receives an offer to work as an assistant to a film director making a film called “Peace Mission” about the Italian military in Iraq. During the days after Aureliano’s arrival in Iraq he finds himself involved in the attack on the Nassirya police station and he will be the only civilian to survive the massacre and Aureliano’s life changes forever. This is the true story of the film’s director Areliano Amadei.


David di Donatello:
Miglior produttore a Tilde Corsi, Gianni Romoli, Claudio Bonivento
Miglior montaggio ad Alessio Doglione
Migliori effetti speciali visivi a Rebel Alliance
Premio David Giovani

Globi d’oro 2011:
Migliore Opera Prima

Festival del cinema di Venezia: Controcampo italiano
Miglior Film
Menzione speciale all’attore protagonista Vinicio Marchioni
Premio Pasinetti

Technical cast

Story: Aureliano Amadei Francesco Trento Volfango De Biasi
Screenplay: Gianni Romoli, Francesco Trento Volfango De Biasi e Aureliano Amadei
Cinematography: Vittorio Omodei Zorini
Costume designer: Katia Dottori
Editor: Alessio Doglione
Production designer: Massimo Santomarco
Music: Louis Siciliano
Co-production: R&C Rai Cinema
Italian distribution: Luce Cinecittà
International sales: R&C
Year: 2010



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