Director Alessandro Tofanelli
Artistic cast Maya Sansa, Valeria Cavalli, Andrea di Stefano


Giacomo lives in isolation in a farmhouse immersed in the woods of San Rossore, in Tuscany. To support himself he works as a woodcutter and hunts fallow deer. It’s a quiet life, until one of his bullet punctures the tyre of a car racing along the road, causing the driver Francesca to have an accident. Between them begins an intense but problematic relationship.

Technical cast

Story: Alessandro Tofanelli
Screenplay: Alessandro Tofanelli
Cinematography: Aldo di Marcantonio
Editor: Gian Vittorio Baldi
Production designer: Rita Rabassini
Costume designer: Marta Scarlatti
Music: Manuel de Sica
Italian distribution: Teodora film
International sales: R&C
Year: 2005



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