Cuore sacro – Sacred heart

Director Ferzan Ozpetek
Artistic cast Barbora Bobulova, Andrea di Stefano, Massimo Poggio


Irene is a successful manager who has inherited huge wealth and an unscrupulous business from her family. After an encounter with a young girl unpredictable and mysterious, Irene discovers the world of homelessness, those dispossessed and very poor. Against the wishes of her aunt, Irene transforms her old, family home into a canteen for the less well-off and embarks upon a journey of self-discovery which leads to a new spirituality.


David di Donatello 2005:
Best actress Protagonista to Barbora Bobulova
Best production designer to Andrea Grisanti

Globi d’Oro 2005:
Best directior to Ferzan Ozpetek
Best actress to Barbora Bobulova

Nastri d’argento 2006:
Nastro europeo a Barbora Bobulova

CIAK D’ORO 2005:
Best actress Protagonista to Barbora Bobulova
Best actress non Protagonista to Lisa Gastoni

Premio Flaiano 2005:
Best actress non protagonista to Erica Blank
Best cinematography to Gian Filippo Corticelli
Premio del pubblico best actress Barbora Bobulova

Technical cast

Story: Gianni Romoli Ferzan Ozpetek
Screenplay: Gianni Romoli Ferzan Ozpetek
Cinematography: Gian Filippo Corticelli
Editor: Patrizio Marone
Production designer: Andrea Grisanti
Costume designer: Catia Dottori
Music: Andrea Guerra
Italian distribution: Medusa Film
International sales R&C
Year: 2005



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