Django & Django

Director Luca Rea
Artistic cast

Quentin Tarantino Franco Nero Ruggero Deodato


n Django & Django, the exceptional narrator Quentin Tarantino explains why Sergio Corbucci is “the second best director of Italian Westerns,” as a character testifies in Tarantino’s recent film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino’s admiration for Corbucci is confirmed in his choice to make Django Unchained, inspired by a Corbucci film from the 1960s. The film used unpublished materials, testimonies and reconstructions to evoke a unique period in cinema.


Festival del cinema di Venezia: Official Selection Out of Competition

Technical cast

Story: Nicoletta Ercole
Screenplay: Steve della Casa Luca Rea
Cinematography: Andrea Arnone
Editor: Stuart Mabey
Music: Andrea Guerra
Co-production: Nicomax R&C Margutta studios
Italian distribution: Lucky Red
International sales: True colors
Year: 2021



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