Harem suare

Director Ferzan Ozpetek
Artistic cast Marie Gillain, Alex Descas, Serra Yilmaz, Lucia Bosè, Valeria Golino, Malick Bowens


In July 1908, the eve of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, in the palace of Sultan Abdulhamit II, Safiyè makes a pact of alliance with one of the harlem eunuchs Nadir. While she tries to become one of the Sultan’s favourites, Safiyè and Nadir begin a love story. However Safiyè must defend herself from numerous rivals without realising that in the meantime the structure of power in which she lives is collapsing around her.


Festival de Cannes – Film di chiusura di “Un certain regard”

Technical cast

Story: Gianni Romoli, Ferzan Ozpetek
Screenplay: Gianni Romoli, Ferzan Ozpetek
Cinematography: Pasquale Mari
Editor: Mauro Bonanni
Production designer: Ziya Mustafa Ulkenicler e Bruno Cesari
Costume designer: Alfonsina Lettieri
Music: Pivio e Aldo De Scalzi
Nationality: Italia Francia (Les films balenciaga) Turchia (AFS films) con Eurimages
Italian distribution: Medusa Film
International sales: R&C
Year: 1999



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