L’amore è imperfetto

Director Francesca Muci
Artistic cast Anna Foglietta, Giulio Berruti, Camilla Filippi


Elena is a beautiful woman who works for a publishing house and for many years she has stopped believing in love. However, adult love is a complex one in which Eros is both physical and mental. After a minor scooter accident, Elena meets Adriana and Ettore: Adriana is an 18-year old without rules of inhibitions for whom transgression erases all rationality; whereas Ettore is a calm, handsome 50 year-old Frenchman providing stability and security. The film sees Elena allowing herself to be overtaken by these two new passions.


Festival des film du Monde de Montreal: First Films World Competition

Technical cast

Story: Francesca Muci
Screenplay: Gianni Romoli Francesca Muci
Cinematography: Vittorio Omodei Zorini
Editor: Alessandro Marinelli
Production designer: Massimo Santomarco
Costume designer: Alessandro Lai
Music: Manuel de Sica
Co-production: R&C e Rai Cinema
Italian distribution: 01 distribution
International sales: R&C
Year: 2012



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