Rosso Istanbul – Istanbul red

Director Ferzan Ozpetek
Artistic cast Halit Ergenç, Tuba Buyukustun, Nejat Isler, Mehmet Gunsur, Cigdem Onat, Serra Yilmaz


Orhan Sahin returns to Istanbul, after 20 years away, to help Deniz Soysal, a famous director and cinematographer who is finishing writing his book. Trapped in a city filled with repressed memories, Orhan find himself drawn into the lives of Deniz’s friends and family who has since disappeared. Finding himself at the centre of someone else’s story, Orhan becomes an investigator in Deniz’s disappearance.

Technical cast

Story: Gianni Romoli e Ferzan Ozpetek
Screenplay: Gianni Romoli, Valia Santella e Ferzan Ozpetek
Cinematography: Gian Filippo Corticelli
Editor: Patrizio Marone
Production designer: Deniz Gokturk Kobanbay
Costume designer: Funda Buyuktunalioglu
Music: Giuliano Taviani e Carmelo Travia
Co-production: Italia (R&C Faros film)Turchia (BKM)
Italian distribution: 01 Distribution
International sales : BKM e R&C
Year: 2017



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